Kenbar Value Pack

FREE advice is a great reason to have Kenbar manage your Act! database.
The Value Pack is a collection of enhancements and customizations that can vastly extend the power of Act! Call us about pricing for your Act! system.
All Value Pack customers enjoy FREE phone advice from Kenbar!

Here are some of the features that Value Pack customers can choose from:


The Value Pack Contact Screen Layout


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List View Manager

Never recreate a list view again! With the List View Manager, you can store the settings of your list views (column order, column width and sort order) so that you may easily load them back up as needed.



Keep track of 4 different addresses for your customers with a convenient and flexible interface.


Edit Append Fields

Add and subtract values in multi-select fields en mass. Really unleashes the power of multi-select fields like I/D Status.


Multiple Activities Reschedule

Provides the ability to reschedule multiple activities at once. When 2 or more activities are selected in the Task List, a “Reschedule Multiple Activities” menu item is added to your right-click menu.


Lookup Contacts in Companies

Not until now could you do a look up of Companies and then produce a list of the Contacts in those Companies. Works with Groups too!


Company Lookup Contacts

Get a lookup of Companies from a lookup of Contacts.


Group and Company Makers

2 very powerful utilities that can be a big help after database creation or importing data.


Layout Buttons

A variety of buttons that can perform many database functions and can be placed directly on the detail layout.


Crystal Clear Provider

This allows you to run Crystal Reports from the Act! menu. It also provides an Activity table and cross reference tables for ContactCompany and ContactGroup. It modifies your Crystal Reports so they run on the Currently open database.



Deletes histories based on the type of the history, the date range and optionally contents of the regarding field.


Bad E-mail Finder

Easily weed out any number of bad emails in any size database. Especially useful after importing data.


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