About Us

Kenbar is one of the leading Act! Certified Consultants in the Northeast and the US with the addition of our California office. Our customers have “virtually” 24/7 access to us for support and advice.

We are recognized as both a Platinum and Select reseller and maintain our certification on all versions of Act! including the newest Hosted offering. We are also certified as a Premier Trainer

Bob Kennedy has been involved in sales and software for over 25 years and specifically with Act! Contact Management Software for 15 years. He brings a wealth of experience in the actual use of this software from both a salesman and management point of view. He has used software to enhance sales performance since the advent of the personal computer and can help your company get the maximum advantage with the least amount of effort.

Chuck Wettish has been an ACC for 12 years. He decided, after years as a self employed contractor, to utilize his formal computer education, get certified with Act!, and go into business with his Dad, Bob Kennedy. He does all the off-site customization and report writing for Act! customers. He’s based in Ontario, CA..

Zalmi Berger joined the Kenbar team in 2015 after his move to Boca Raton from the NY Metro area in 2013. He began his association with the Sage Financial software Products in 1995 and in 2004 he became an ACC with the first SQL based version of Act. Besides his understanding of Accounting he is also proficient in report writing with alternatives to the traditional Act Reports.

In addition Kenbar augments our staff with specialists in Act! and other software on an as needed basis.