You may or may not have received an email from Act! about upcoming support options beginning October 1st!  Act has created training resources for all users to access as well as many support tier options!
All subscribers on our support tier contracts will continue to be able to contact us by phone to troubleshoot problems with Act! performance or features.

For Standard support plan customers, any requests for ‘how to’ guidance in the use of Act! will be directed to the relevant Guides/Video Tutorials, Knowledgebase articles, Act! Community, Online Support Portal and Web Chat options or other self service online resource! Act! has also created and provided many resources for customers to refer to!

After October 1st, Standard support plan subscribers who wish to access feature guidance by phone and have support delivered via remote access as part of their annual contract, may do so by purchasing our enhanced “Ultimate Support” tier. These services are also available as a “one time” professional service. For more details around the changes to support offerings, please read our Changes to the Scope of Support KB and the updated Scope of Support document.

Kenbar Solutions will be making changes to the Kenbar Value Pack Service to accommodate these changes! For more information about how the implementation of these changes could affect you call Kenbar Solutions at 203-605-8934!