This month we’ll be going over some aspects of the Companies tab in Act!, specifically the unique parts of the detail view that differ from other tabs like Groups or Contacts.

The first unique tab in the detail view of any company is simple: Billing and Shipping. You can put two addresses in this tab, one for billing and one for shipping.

The next tab to the right is Company Profile, which gives you a couple extra field of information you can add to your company contact.

Next on the right is the Company Access tab, which allows you to select the record manager and access level for this company

To the right of Company Access is Divisions, allows your to see and change the hierarchy of your company in any divisions it’s in.

Also important are the linked fields in your company view. Some fields such as address, phone, etc., are linked to all contacts in the company, so any changes made at the company level can be pushed down to the contacts if you’d like.