To start, the How-to Resources page provides the most basic information for both Desktop and Cloud versions of their product. Many of these links will take you to official manuals from Act!, while others may take you to support articles that help the user.

The information ranges from installation, to creating databases or account management, depending on the type of service you’re using. Then, with key features, we start to see more similar categories, like info on Contacts, Groups, and Activities, or Act!’s integration with other services. You also will find links on Customization and Marketing Automation for your Database

Now, you also have access to the Act! Premium Knowledgebases, depending on if you’re running Act! on your desktop or the web. Either way, these info hubs give you a much wider range of articles and tips about your database. Each section is divided into subsections with wholes lists of articles and FAQs on almost every question you might have about Act. Both the Desktop and web version are full of useful information on every aspect of Act!.