Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) is available as an option for companies who have an Act! Premium subscription. The pricing for each version is based on the number of e-mails you can send per month to unlimited Contacts & the amount of features available. You will be able to increase the number of e-mails in blocks of 2500 e-mails for $15. At some point it becomes cheaper to jump to the next level where you will also get all the additional features.

Marketing automation refers to the technology or software that allows businesses to harness the power of smart and automated workflows to enhance productivity and deliver a better prospect and customer experience.

If you look through the various options on the link below you will find more about AMA. There are a variety of links to answer many of your questions including pricing plans. You can even schedule a demo on any Tuesday at 1 PM Eastern. If that does not fit your schedule or you would rather talk to someone just give us a call at 203-269-4067 and we will answer your questions and help you find out how AMA can help you grow your business.