Hi. this is Hayden with Kenbar Solutions, and today we’ll be giving you a quick tutorial on how to create email templates and campaigns through Act! Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation is an extremely versatile and useful tool to have in your Act! database. It’s an in depth tool with a lot to cover, so this month we’ll just be focused on email templates and campaigns.

To start, in the Marketing Automation section of Act!, you can see the Campaigns tab and the Email Templates tab. In the middle of each, you will see a list of all the old campaigns or templates you’ve created. On the right, you’ll see a way to search and sort through these old templates. And at the top right, the Actions button.

In Campaigns, the Actions button allows you to create a new campaign or copy an existing one. You can also copy campaigns while editing a single one. Below that, you can view the dashboard or calendar or campaigns, both of which provide useful info for users. Finally, you can switch between grid or list view with your campaigns. When creating a new campaign, you can choose between pre-made or your own.

Email templates, starts the same, with the Action button letting you create a new template or copy one. This can also be done while editing a single template. Below that, however, is access to the image library, where all the stock and imported pictures you have are. When creating an email template, you can choose between preexisting templates by Act! or others, or your own created or imported templates.

While editing a campaign or an email template you get access to an expanded list on Actions. The most useful of these while editing an email template is create campaign, which allows you to create a campaign directly from your selected email template. This can same time and make sending campaigns to multiple groups quickly easy.

This has been Kenbar Solutions, thank you for watching.