The Opportunity Table is incredibly important for growing your Company, and is often what the CEO will be relying on to steer the Company.

Opportunities in Act! allow you to easily read and understand the value of your business opportunities, all sorted into one place.

Go to the Opportunity Tab of your Act! database, and you’ll see a list view of all the Opportunities you or other users have created. There is all sorts of information seen here, like the Contact Name and Company, Status, Stage, Total, etc. However, what really helps the Opportunity Table to shine is in the Detail View. Here you can see your Opportunity Name, Totals for the project, and days open on the left. On the right is your Status, whether it’s Open, Closed – Won, Closed – Lost, and Inactive. On the far right are Contacts, Groups, and Company associations for the Opportunity.

Below that is the Opportunity Process and Stage. You can select from a number of presets or custom made Processes, each with their own drop down list of Stages. Your Stage is what specific step of a sale or service your are on in an Opportunity, and the Process is the collection of those Stages. Both the Processes and Stages can be customized under the Tools Tab at the top of your screen, by clicking on Define Fields.

Kenbar uses our own recommended Process, and we’ve included a couple Processes from other people and businesses as well. While you can make any number of Stages in each Process, creating more than 7 or 8 can make things more complicated than they need to be, so fewer are better.

You also have access to all the normal Tabs you would have in any Act! Detail View, such as Contacts, Groups/Companies, Activities, Histories, Documents etc., as well as a few new Tabs such as Products and Services, Opportunity Info & Opportunity Access