The Relationship Tab in the Contacts Table is a very useful and unique tool. A Relationship in Act! links two contacts from your database and describes their connection, while also allowing quick navigation between those contacts.

We’ve mentioned Relationships in a previous tip video to help us keep tract of an employee who leaves a company, who we want to stay in touch in case there’s a need for Act at their new employer.

Relating contacts is easy, just choose your contact to start with, and click the “Relate Contact” button at the top left of the Relationships Tab.

From here, you’ll see a pop-up giving you the ability to choose your relationship and define it. You can choose directly form the list of all contacts in your database, or search by companies, groups, or from your current lookup.

You can define the relationship between the two contacts using the drop down menus. There are a wide range of preset relationships, and you can edit the list values yourself to add exactly the word you want.

By clicking “Show Details” you can describe the relationship with as much detail as you’d like, giving yourself notes to remember, etc.

After you have your relationships made, you can customize the columns to show the exact info you want to see about your contacts.