This month we’ll being running through a few quick shortcuts to keep in mind while using Act!. We’ve covered all these topics in more depth individually in previous blogs posts, but here we’ll bring them together in a short list of must know tips.

Act! Activities are an essential component to any database, as they let you plan ahead for the future and keep things sorted. One way to schedule and activity is to use the schedule tab at the top of your Act! toolbar. Another easy way to make an Activity is through the Act! Calendar. Simply double left-click on the web version or right click on the client version to start scheduling your Activity. Remember, that when scheduling an Activity, you can choose the “select contacts” option to choose from contacts, companies, or even the current lookup. Finally, you can make your Activity through the contact detail page of the contact you choose.

The Lookup is a vital feature of Act! allows users to quickly find any contact company or group in your database. With the Lookup tab at the top of the screen, you can start your search from any number of places. Under that, you can choose a specific field to begin searching with from the contact’s name, to their email, company, or group. You can also search through opportunities, or use an advanced query.

Another shortcut is through Secondary Contacts, this tab allows you to create new contacts that wont be sorted into your main database. These are tied specifically to the primary contact you have created them under. It’s also important to remember, that you can easily promote a secondary contact into a primary one with the promote button, entering them into the database.

Next to Secondary Contacts is the Relationships tab, another very useful shortcut to remember when using Act! This feature allows users to attach two contacts together and define a relationship between them, whether that’s employer, spouse, partner, etc. You can also travel between the two contacts this way