Act can be tuned to suit the needs of your users better than any other CRM. In this case it is able to be done on the server hosting act!. The results will also partially happen on the Web display. All of the views in Act can be changed to display in different Colors & Fonts.

With so much information on your screen at once, act! can sometimes be hard to read or see what you’re looking at; a problem that can easily be solved through act!’s own settings. However, this solution is mainly available to act! customers who are self-hosted, or have access to the server hosting their act! database. Changing the font on the server side of act! will work partially with Web Access, We have advised act! to work on implementing full parity between both ways.

The process to change Colors & Fonts (incl Style & Size) is simple. You head to the Tools menu at the Top Toolbar, then to Preferences, and then Colors & Fonts. From here, you have a large list of all the available views for you to change the settings of. For this example, we’ll choose everything related to histories. After selecting the desired Views, we can freely change the Color, Font, Style & Size.

After we’ve saved our changes, we can see that the change has already taken place on the Client Access end of Act, with all the history Font sizes being increased. Now, if we pull up our web version of the same database and refresh, we’ll see that the text has already updated with the correct font size.