There have been significant changes in the Job Market this year. When our primary contact at a customer or suppler changes Kenbar has a process, we developed years ago.

We start by using the Duplicate Contact feature in Act to create a new contact we can pursue to turn the new employer into an Act customer. The original record will have all the Histories that were created while he worked there. The new record will only have 1 History that will be the last history at the old company ( usually a To Do history). Depending how we found out we will contact the old company to see who will be taking over that role so we can make sure they remain as a customer.

We then use the unique Relationship feature to allow us to start fresh as we track the employee down. There are several other features in Act such as the Web Info tab to help find where they landed. If we have a personal phone number or e-mail address, we can contact them right away.