We originally had this tip w/screen shots over 1 year ago so we redid it in video. See if you like it better? Even if you use your Desktop version most of the time having a web access open and available for quick look ups when a customer calls saves time.

In this tip video we’ll be showing you an easy but often overlooked tip that can drastically improve your workflow; the capability to view multiple screens in Act! at the same time, working independently of each other.

To start, you sign into Act like you normally would. Once you’ve opened Act, you copy the URL at the top, open a new tab in your search browser, and paste the link and go. Now you’ll have two of the same window on top of each other.

From there you can use each tab independently, separate the browser tabs, and place them how you see fit. You could let your computer do the work by dragging each window to the edge, or resize the window manually to whatever you’d like. You can do this with as many windows as you need.

This feature is useful for all types of customers, including people who have multiple monitors that can put different tabs on each, or what we’ve seen more of in recent years, which are people who have one, larger monitor like a 32 or 40 inch, that can fit many tabs on the same monitor.