The last 18 months have been brutal.  However there is still an opportunity to put something together in 2021 or the Winter of 2022.

Below are some options we are thinking of that may or may not rely on the Cruise Industry which certainly suffered a lot already but appears to have rebound. Some of these come from the same travel agent I have know for many years and these will probably actually happen with or without us joining. Others will be shorter and smaller. Your interest will decide what we do. We will also consider doing more than one of them. Call Kenbar at 203-269-4067 for details.

Mystic CT

One of the most popular tourist spots in New England and we have access to boats, kayaks, canoes, and all sorts of attractions just like you can find at the cruise ports you have heard about.


Another location for Kenbar and it has all the attractions you could hope for and would make more sense to visit in the Fall or Winter.


Like CA is makes more sense in the Fall but we would be happy to arrange training at either location in the Summer to accommodate students who have kids that want to have some fun.

8 Day Rhine Getaway River Cruise

From Amsterdam/to Basel, Switzerland

October 6th-13th, 2021


  • Package includes:
    Ports of call including Amsterdam, The Netherlands;,Kinderdijk ,The Netherlands; Cologne, Germany; Koblenz, Germany; Heidelberg, Germany; Strasbourg, France; Breisach, Germany, and Basel. Switzerland (4 Countries in a week)

Zermatt Switzerland

February 18th-26th, 2022


  • Package includes:
    • Round trip non stop airfare to Zurich from JFK
    • 7 nights hotel at the Albana Real
    • Round trip transfers from the airport to hotel
    • Welcome cocktail and orientation
    • Limited single rooms ($350 extra)
    • Breakfast and Dinner Daily Optional extras
    • Ski pass with or without Italy

We have several other Trips in the US and Europe we will post here in the next few days