The last few years have been a challenge to say the least.

Below are some options we are thinking of that may or may not rely on the Cruise Industry which certainly suffered a lot, though it has already rebounded, with new ships being built. We’ve already contracted with our regular travel agent, and have an Act! 2023 Cruise on November 12th, departing Orlando/Port Canaveral. Others may be shorter and smaller. Your interest will decide what we do. We’re currently planning a Fall 2023 Cruise departing from which ever departure location is convenient for the customers Call Kenbar at 203-269-4067 with any questions.


Kenbar’s Main Office is in Wallingford CT allows us to arrange a class anywhere in New England with many different venues as well as Cruises year round. We have access to some unusual venues as well as well as many attractions, events & activities to make this a vacation as well.


Kenbar’s West Coast Office has all the attractions you could hope for and would make more sense to visit in the Fall or Winter. This is also a great area for Cruise Ship Training.

New York

We’ve just added a new ACC, based in West Harrison, NY, which is only 30 miles from Times Square and Grand Central Station.


Like CA. Kenbar’s FL Office makes more sense in the Fall and Winter. It is also a great area for Cruise Ship Training.