Today we will be showing a video on updating your current Act database. Before anything else, it’s important to know that this is a video on updating the Client server (Desktop) version of ACT, not the Web (Browser) version. If your database is being hosted by ACT or another provider, you will need to contact them to get details on when they will be updating your ACT software. If you are not sure who is hosting your master just give Kenbar a call.

The first thing you want to do is close down all application on your computer, leaving the space as clear and clean as possible. From here, go to the bottom left of your screen to the search bar, and look up your Windows Update Settings. Be sure to click on the system settings, not a web search for it. Check for updates and download and install them, as some Windows updates are required for an ACT update to function properly, such as this one. It is possible you will have to update windows multiple times before everything is up to date.

Once your Windows software if completely up to date, and all applications are closed again, go ahead and run ACT as an administrator, by right clicking Act here, and right clicking again here. Once Act is open, you do not need to sign into a database, just go to the top left toolbar and click help, then click About Act. This will show you what version of ACT you are currently running, keep this in mind to make sure your software was updated properly. After that, go back to the help tab and click ACT notifications. This will show a pop-up at the bottom right of your screen, click where it says “click here” and a new pop-up will show up in the center. Click download & install to begin your Act Update.

From this point, ACT will do most of the work. It may periodically ask you for permission to change something, read those carefully and allow them. It is also possible that you will get a notification that ACT is not responding. If this happens, ignore it and let ACT continue to update. This is more likely to happen on older, slower machines. Give it some time, and ACT will finish the update. Once it’s done, run Act as an administrator again, and check the version the same way as last, making sure you’ve updated to the correct version. If this is true, then you’re all set to continue using your Act software.

This has been Kenbar Solutions, thank you for watching.