Use the Activity location field to denote other important variables.

Repurpose the Activity “location” field (which is seldom used or needed) to denote other important variables such as the “internal status” of an activity. You can add the field to the Task List to quickly view and “export to excel” for quick reports.

Use the sizing tool in ACT!’s calendar view to expand the mini­ calendar.

The default calendar view in ACT! shows the entire current month in a full mini-calendar view in a column to the right. This mini calendar view can be expanded to include a visual of 8 months at a time!

Use Custom Activity Types

Change Act by creating Custom Activity types to get a deeper understanding of your business activity.  ACT! Admins or Managers can click on “Schedule”, then select “Manage”, select “Activity Types” in menu to add additional Activity Types to those provided with the software.

Quickly schedule from the Calendar

To save time, right click in the Calendar and chose “Schedule” to pick the Activity type. Highlight the “Schedule With” contact and hit the “Backspace” key. Then begin typing the desired contact’s last name. For more options to find the person(s) click on the Contacts drop down icon.  

Use Control + C to quickly copy Contact info and paste into other programs.

This tip works best with the cursor placed in the Contact field. While holding down the “Control” Key, press the letter “C” (Control + C) to copy important fields from the Contact record to the Windows clipboard. Next, while holding down the “Control” Key, press the letter “V” (Control+ V) to paste the important fields into other Windows programs like “Outlook”, “Word”, “Notepad”, etc. There you have it, a quick and easy way to copy and paste just about anything when you are using Act!

Freeze Columns in the Contact List to display important fields.

Right mouse click in the Contact List, and select “Customize Columns”. Arrange the columns so the ones you want to freeze start on the left. Select the “Freeze Columns” checkbox, and add the number of fields to freeze. Click OK. In the example below those first 5 fields highlighted in blue will remain fixed and you will be able to slide the data to the right to see all the fields in the list w/o having the important ones disappear off the screen

Enable the “show grid lines” preference for better readability in List Views.

Click Tools, Preferences, and select the “Colors & Fonts” tab. Select the appropriate list view and click the “Show grid lines” checkbox. Click OK. There you have it, a simple and quick way to enable the show grid lines in Act!

Another happy Kenbar Value Pack customer!

V.F. McNeil Insurance has been working with Bob of Kenbar Solutions since 2010. He has assisted our agency through setup, networking, upgrades, troubleshooting, training, and more. He is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. As part of the Kenbar Value Pack, we benefit from free IT collaboration with our IT professional. Our service partnership with Kenbar Solutions and using ACT CRM, has played an integral role in our growth over the past 8 years! V.F. McNeil Insurance Pauline Handy, V.F. McNeil

Telesales and 20,000 contacts with ACT!

We needed a quick solution for a new business unit conducting telemarketing leads to support a distributed sales force. The simplicity of ACT! provided that speed of implementation. We are able to conduct a significant amount of data entry and correspondence with ACT!; upwards of 500 recorded calls and entries/day. It was very simple to add the few fields we needed to record information particular to our market. The business unit has doubled in size and ACT! helped us support that growth. With the additional support and ‘best practice’ training of Kenbar the business unit is well positioned for continued growth. Bud Conlin Director, Information Technology

Get it together with ACT!

“My work-life and organization have improved tremendously since Bob Kennedy showed me how to use the tools I had on my computer correctly. We consolidated more than a dozen databases into one master file, created groups, and I learned more about backing up and securing my data. My workflow is much better now and I’m recommending ACT! to a few of my clients, too.” Ellen Ornato President