Act! Activities’ Regarding Field

This month we have a tip about Act! Activities, specifically the Regarding field, both it’s uses, and how to add custom values to the drop down. Before we go into that though, it’s worth mentioning that we have done multiple videos in the past about nearly every aspect of Act! Activities, and we’ll have links to all of them in this month’s blog post.

Introducing SMS4Act!

While the ability to send SMS messages to their Act! contacts is available for US customers making use of Act! Marketing Automation, until now it has not been available in the Act! product as standard. SMS4Act! changes that.

Old Act! SMS with Kenbar

SMS4Act is a new optional feature which allows you to send a text to a Contact and have their response come back as well which can then be added to the History Tab. Kenbar is currently running tests on a Windows 11 laptops in our office and a few customers are testing it as well.

Act! Opportunity Tips

The Opportunity Table is incredibly important for growing your Company, and is often what the CEO will be relying on to steer the Company. Opportunities in Act! allow you to easily read and understand the value of your business opportunities, all sorted into one place.

Act! Marketing Automation (Part 1)

Hi. this is Hayden with Kenbar Solutions, and today we’ll be giving you a quick tutorial on how to create email templates and campaigns through Act! Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation is an extremely versatile and useful tool to have in your Act! database. It’s an in depth tool with a lot to cover, so this month we’ll just be focused on email templates and campaigns.

Act! Company Details

This month we’ll be going over some aspects of the Companies tab in Act!, specifically the unique parts of the detail view that differ from other tabs like Groups or Contacts.

Act! Shortcuts

This month we’ll being running through a few quick shortcuts to keep in mind while using Act!. We’ve covered all these topics in more depth individually in previous blogs posts, but here we’ll bring them together in a short list of must know tips.

Updating your Act!

There have been some troubles with downloading the newest update for Act! at this time, so we thought we’d share the easiest ways to get around the problem.

PEC Duplicate Remover Expert, Act! Add-Ons

Hi, this is Hayden with Kenbar Solutions, and today we’ll be looking at one of many Act! Add-ons, Duplicate Remover Expert. This Add-on was made by Patricia Egen Consulting, sold for $149, along with a wide variety of other Act! products and services. This add-on is bound to the computer you register it to, meaning it can work on any number of databases on that machine. As you will see in the video, this product has a lot of power. We recommend having one of PEC or Kenbar associates do this for you or get some training if you are going to be doing this often because of your companies…

Dealing with Duplicates

This month we’ll be looking at managing and merging duplicate contacts in Act!. When working with the database, especially in large companies, you’re sure to come across duplicate contacts. Sometimes you may want a duplicate, like when a contact moves to a new company, and you’d like to keep the business history, but sometimes you don’t want duplicates. They can pile up, leading to clutter and confusion. Duplicates can occur in a number of ways. While it can be a user error, it can also be a scanning or importing error. For example, if you scan a stack of business cards to import to Act!, you may input duplicate contacts,…