Act! Update Tutorial

Today we will be showing a video on updating your current Act database. Before anything else, it’s important to know that this is a video on updating the Client server (Desktop) version of ACT, not the Web (Browser) version. If your database is being hosted by ACT or another provider, you will need to contact them to get details on when they will be updating your ACT software. If you are not sure who is hosting your master just give Kenbar a call.

Act! Calendar Settings

Act! Calendar Views & Settings are found in Tools/Preferences in the main toolbar. It lets customers easily make changes to match the way their business operates.

Act! Contact Errors.

Act has a very unique method of accommodating the various elements of how a customer wants to be addressed. It is a great capability, and it can be easily enhanced to accommodate every type of business.

Tab Sequence In Act!

Due to a technical issue the June video stopped working. The issues have been fixed and the video can be seen by clicking here. We chose the Contact Detail layout to discuss all the types of Tabs, however they are used in many other modules throughout Act. Our July Video covers why the sequence of the tabs is important.

Tab Types In ACT!

The most unique feature of Act! over the many years is the detail layout, with a series of tabs in a toolbar in the middle of the screen, which was introduced in Version 7 of Act!. That toolbar contains a series of tabs which allow the user to continue looking at the top half of the screen, where all the most pertinent information resides. This month’s video will focus on the types of tabs there are in the contact detail table.

Listview Sort Command

You probably already know how to sort a List View in Act by clicking on a Column heading, However you may want to sort by multiple columns for a variety of reasons. There is a special Sort command to do just that.

Secondary Contacts in Act!

The Secondary Contacts feature was introduced in Version 7 back in 2005. It can save you a lot of time and improve your efficiency

Creating Custom Activities in Act!

This month’s video focuses on creating new Custom Activities for your type of business. They are particularly useful in many different industries.

Act! Tips: List View Manager, an Act! add-on

Act has a lot of Add-Ons available from a variety of Partners. One of the most popular is List View Manager from Exponenciel, It allows you to save a particular List View by assigning it a name after you have created it. You also can share it with other users in your company.

Act! Tips: Change Font Type, Size & Color

Act can be tuned to suit the needs of your users better than any other CRM. In this case it is able to be done on the server hosting act!. The results will also partially happen on the Web display. All of the views in Act can be changed to display in different Colors & Fonts.