Act! Tips: List View Filters.

We often get calls about “missing data” that is often just a filter problem

Act! Tips: Data Cleanup

For May we are starting a series of short videos to help you clean up your data.

Act! Premium

For customers who want more control of their data then Act! Premium is the answer. You will get all the features of Act! V23 with the total flexibility that Act is famous for.

Act! Web Access Training.

Our April Video will be a series of navigation tips particularly useful for users familiar with the desktop version. We would certainly like your feedback or any ideas you have for subjects to cover or different ways to present the solution.

Act! Activity to Calendar Training

This months video is about creating Activities in the Act! Calendar to help you streamline your actions towards success! We would certainly like your feedback on the videos or any ideas you have for subjects to cover.

Navigating Act! Calendars

We are trying something new this month as we noted in last month’s newsletter. We created a YouTube video regarding the Act! Calendar instead of using screen shots and text for our tips. We would certainly like your feedback or any ideas you have for subjects to cover or different ways to present the solution

Use the Activity location field to denote other important variables.

Repurpose the Activity “location” field (which is seldom used or needed) to denote other important variables such as the “internal status” of an activity. You can add the field to the Task List to quickly view and “export to excel” for quick reports.

Use the sizing tool in ACT!’s calendar view to expand the mini­ calendar.

The default calendar view in ACT! shows the entire current month in a full mini-calendar view in a column to the right. This mini calendar view can be expanded to include a visual of 8 months at a time!

Use Custom Activity Types

Change Act by creating Custom Activity types to get a deeper understanding of your business activity.  ACT! Admins or Managers can click on “Schedule”, then select “Manage”, select “Activity Types” in menu to add additional Activity Types to those provided with the software.

Quickly schedule from the Calendar

To save time, right click in the Calendar and chose “Schedule” to pick the Activity type. Highlight the “Schedule With” contact and hit the “Backspace” key. Then begin typing the desired contact’s last name. For more options to find the person(s) click on the Contacts drop down icon.