Create a “dynamic group” to easily find incomplete contact records.

Create a dynamic group for staff members to easily find and fix incomplete contact records before important mailings. Create View Groups. Click Groups, New Group. Click Groups, Add/Remove Groups. Add the following criteria paying special attention to the “parenthesis” and “OR” commands. Users can select the group and create a lookup to quickly find and edit the relevant contact records.

Use the activity “roll over” feature to make sure uncompleted activities don’t fall through the cracks.

Set the “roll over” option on phone calls, to-dos, and other custom activities so uncompleted activities are always on today’s calendar. Click Tools, Preferences, select the Calendar & Activities tab. Click the Activity Preferences button. Select the appropriate activity type and click the “Automatically roll over to today” checkbox. Click OK.

Pressing “F4” displays a 3 month mini-calendar.

Pressing “F4” displays a 3 month mini-calendar. Right mouse clicking a date displays the activities for that date. You can also click and drag activities and drop them on another date to easily reschedule them.

Act! Marketing Automation (AMA)

Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) is available as an option for companies who have an Act! Premium subscription. The pricing for each version is based on the number of e-mails you can send per month to unlimited Contacts & the amount of features available. You will be able to increase the number of e-mails in blocks of 2500 e-mails for $15. At some point it becomes cheaper to jump to the next level where you will also get all the additional features. Marketing automation refers to the technology or software that allows businesses to harness the power of smart and automated workflows to enhance productivity and deliver a better prospect and…

ACCs’ Top Ten Tips Webinar Poll

Bob and 22 other CRM Consultants got together in January to learn more about the products we sell and to share experiences with each other. We have been doing this for 13 years now and it is always done on a cruise ship (They are a lot cheaper than when we go to AZ in the Fall for official training). This year all of us Act consultants were challenged to talk about a favorite Act! tip or trick. We were amazed at how may ideas were new to many of us! We have the list of all of those great tips and Kenbar is planning to have a FREE webinar,…

The Work Week Calendar

One of the best Calendar formats in Act is the Work Week because it gives you better daily detail than the Monthly one. The following Tip gives you the power to move any Activities from one week to the another week easily. In the slides below we have a follow-up Meeting on Friday that needs to be rescheduled to the following week. First, place your mouse on a date in the mini calendar (see orange circle right side of 1st slide) and drag it down to the date of your choice (see orange circle right side of 2nd slide). The Calendar will automatically adjust itself to give you what you…

Listview Sort

Just about every Act user knows that you can easily sort any column in a Contact List view. However, another hidden treasure in the Edit Menu, is the Sort command. This command will allow you to sort up to 3 columns at the same time. Scroll down down to see all 3 screenshots.

The Copy Command

The Copy command in the Edit menu is very handy if you want to send information about one of your contacts to someone, that they can then use to put into their system. It will copy all of the Primary Fields in the currently selected Contact record which you can then paste in an e-mail, Notepad or any other document. Scroll down to see both screenshots.

Is your Act Cluttered?

Just like clutter can affect you at home and your place of work it can also get in the way with your Act database. The following routine will check for one of the common ways an Act Database can become cluttered and will cause your Act database to take a long time open. Once the clutter is removed you will notice an improvement. Start by clicking on the Task List in the Navbar. The next step is to make sure all of the filters above the column headings say “All”. Don’t Forget to click on Users and select “All”. If it seems to take a while to display the Activities…

Sending Effective Holiday Emails With Act!

Every business owner know that the most profitable time of the year is the holiday season.  For every business there may be different holiday seasons but we all have one and the best way to maximize your profits is email marketing.  Email marketing is basically a way to build relationships with potential customers and/or clients and at the same time it allows you to keep your existing clients up to date with current promotions. Act! simplifies email marketing and helps you build long lasting relationships by helping you create, send, and track wonderful, eye-catching emails that reach customers and potential customers with the right message at the right time.  Below is…