View Multiple Screens At The Same Time In Act!

An original feature of the desktop version of Act has been revamped and dramatically improved for the web access version of Act! There is now the capability to view multiple screens in Act at the same time with each one opened in a separate window!

Act! Fall release

Act! Fall release   This Fall Release introduces Act! CRM SaaS (Software as a Service). It will be totally web based with no need to install new versions again. You will be getting new features and changes regularly throughout the year and it costs less!!

Act! Tips: Web & Windows

Have you ever wanted to Sort a Lookup you just created by more than 1 field? Like Country then State and finally City? The Sort feature has been in Act for years but many users never heard of it.

Advanced Lookup Features in ACT!

Look-ups are a unique feature of Act not found in other CRM’s. There is a particularly useful dozen you will find that all start with the word “Any” followed by fields that appear multiple times in the Contact table like Phone, Email, Address etc.

New Support Options Beginning October 1st!

You may or may not have received an email from Act! about upcoming support options beginning October 1st!  Act has created training resources for all users to access as well as many support tier options! All subscribers on our support tier contracts will continue to be able to contact us by phone to troubleshoot problems with Act! performance or features. For Standard support plan customers, any requests for ‘how to’ guidance in the use of Act! will be directed to the relevant Guides/Video Tutorials, Knowledgebase articles, Act! Community, Online Support Portal and Web Chat options or other self service online resource! Act! has also created and provided many resources for customers…

Save Time and Steps With The Lookup Previous Shortcut!

This month’s Act Tip focuses on the “Previous Lookup” capability! This feature saves the last 9 look ups of the Contact Table from almost all Act screens.

Use the Activity location field to denote other important variables.

Repurpose the Activity “location” field (which is seldom used or needed) to denote other important variables such as the “internal status” of an activity. You can add the field to the Task List to quickly view and “export to excel” for quick reports.

Use the sizing tool in ACT!’s calendar view to expand the mini­ calendar.

The default calendar view in ACT! shows the entire current month in a full mini-calendar view in a column to the right. This mini calendar view can be expanded to include a visual of 8 months at a time!

Use Custom Activity Types

Change Act by creating Custom Activity types to get a deeper understanding of your business activity.  ACT! Admins or Managers can click on “Schedule”, then select “Manage”, select “Activity Types” in menu to add additional Activity Types to those provided with the software.

Quickly schedule from the Calendar

To save time, right click in the Calendar and chose “Schedule” to pick the Activity type. Highlight the “Schedule With” contact and hit the “Backspace” key. Then begin typing the desired contact’s last name. For more options to find the person(s) click on the Contacts drop down icon.