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“Bob and Chuck have the package. They know ACT inside and out and they are there when I need them. It’s not an exaggeration to say they are helping me secure new customers.” Duane Cashin The Differentiating Expert

Consolidate your ACT!

Our local Dale Carnegie Training franchise has been using ACT! for over 8 years on stand alone PCs. We’ve gotten a lot of mileage from the program and it’s ability to keep track of our client organizations and individual contacts. We recently started the development process to organize all the separate databases into one consolidated system and Bob Kennedy at Kenbar is a very key figure in our strategic planning. We know when we go live that what is implemented will be organized and easy to use. Bob’s experience setting up the system and his training us to use it efficiently will ensure a high quality result. I’d highly recommend…

ACT! and the single user.

The Farmington Gourmet is a food-to-go and catering facility located across the street from the UConn Health Center in Farmington, CT. It targets a specific customer base: the 15,000 office workers and 3000 high income residents within two miles of its location. Owner Michael Hough says, “ACT is a Godsend! It is helping us market to our very targeted group of prospective customers via e-mail and “snail-mail”. Bob Kennedy has been extremely helpful in showing us how to use the program most effectively.” For more information on The Farmington Gourmet go to

Telesales and 20,000 contacts with ACT!

We needed a quick solution for a new business unit conducting telemarketing leads to support a distributed sales force. The simplicity of ACT! provided that speed of implementation. We are able to conduct a significant amount of data entry and correspondence with ACT!; upwards of 500 recorded calls and entries/day. It was very simple to add the few fields we needed to record information particular to our market. The business unit has doubled in size and ACT! helped us support that growth. With the additional support and ‘best practice’ training of Kenbar the business unit is well positioned for continued growth. Bud Conlin Director, Information Technology

Get it together with ACT!

“My work-life and organization have improved tremendously since Bob Kennedy showed me how to use the tools I had on my computer correctly. We consolidated more than a dozen databases into one master file, created groups, and I learned more about backing up and securing my data. My workflow is much better now and I’m recommending ACT! to a few of my clients, too.” Ellen Ornato President

Custom convenience with ACT!

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Keep track with ACT!

Today’s business world demands maximum productivity from its workers. Yet with all the pressures to perform, it is difficult to remain on top of the details. Action items and follow-up tasks can easily fall through cracks. ACT is a great tool to help manage the myriad of ‘to-dos’ one has to track, but without education on how to use it, one harnesses only a fraction of its potential. That is where Bob Kennedy plays an important role. He taught me countless tricks and tips to manage my time using ACT. He also revealed productivity tools to pull reports that help me measure how well I am doing and to plan…

ACT! and the old user.

One of the biggest frustrations we had in our business was not having a handle on our database of customers and prospects. We were doing so many things wrong and not doing some essential things at all. We knew that we were really underutilizing our ACT program and that we could be getting a lot more out of it. We hired Kenbar to come in and help us straighten out our ACT! Since we’ve been working with Kenbar we’ve been able to implement new strategies for managing our database and have become more efficient at using the program. Bob is great to work with and he always seems to have…

ACT! and the new user.

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