About Senior Living had been using pen and paper to gather client information from phone conversations. They would then transfer the contact information to a master spreadsheet and the detailed information to hundreds of individual spreadsheets. This became very cumbersome as the business grew.

Recently they realized that they needed to streamline the way they kept track of their clients as well as the communities and services that they match these clients with.

Kenbar designed and installed an ACT! database with 136 custom fields and a convenient screen layout. Now they are able to enter information directly from the initial phone conversation into a database that allows for easy comparison between the needs of a client and the care offered by a community or service. Kenbar also provided custom reports which enable easy referral generation for print or email.

The database resides on one computer in the main office but can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet. Jamie Bonebreak, CEO & Senior Care Specialist of About Senior Living , describes the system as “wonderful”.

Jamie Bonebreak
About Senior Living
(800) 581-2686