Susan Lovallo of Clutter Solutions says, “Kenbar is the best! As a business owner it is imperative to have a solid support team. Bob Kennedy and Kenbar has been part of my team for almost 10 years. For my last computer conversion Bob was on the phone with my tech person for over an hour on a Saturday morning getting my ACT! up and running on my new machine. It is this type of dedication and responsiveness to his clients that makes Kenbar outstanding. He is also always looking for ways to save me money on upgrades and support. Using ACT! has enabled me to keep my database organized which has been essential for marketing and customer relations. I highly recommend ACT! and Kenbar!”

Susan has been a loyal Kenbar Solutions customer for almost 10 years because she knows Act! helps people get their Act! together when organizing their business information! To learn more about how Act! and Clutter Solutions can help you organize your life click here!

Susan Lovallo CPA
Clutter Solutions