If you have already done your update or upgrade, and have a new 30 character license number when you check for it in About Act, congratulations, you are now on the new service and can breathe easy!

If you still have a 20 character license number you are still in jeopardy. The old license server was turned off on March 14th 2019. For those of you on a subscription, you will most likely have a problem within the next 3 weeks or so. Anyone who is not on a subscription will ultimately have an issue because of other factors. These include moving to a new computer, adding a new user, or a multitude of other situations.

There will not be any more updates for products before v18.2. Subscription Customers on older products will need to upgrade and should check the compatibility of the version they want to upgrade to as they may have a compatibility issue if they move to the newest Act but have some older versions of Office they want to integrate with.

The following link to Act will fill you in on all the details including all the updates they have issued.

Important Notice for Act! Customers


Please feel free to call Kenbar directly, at the CT office, at 203-269-4067, for guidance on how to manage this issue, or if you just have a question. If no one picks up at the office, call Bob’s mobile, 203-605-8934.