For years, every year, we were ordering direct from Act. About 5 years ago, when the sales-rep we had been ordering from was going to leave Act, he recommended that we order through Kenbar Solutions going forward. This has proved to be a big advantage!

We decided to do our Act upgrade on a Sunday in order to have the least impact on our Act users. We ran into a problem but we were able to call Kenbar and resolve that problem on a Sunday afternoon, as opposed to waiting until Act opened at 8:30AM on Monday.

Kenbar Solutions offers virtual 24/7 support vs Act’s 12/5. This is a great help as it’s always best to make changes to our Act system during off-hours.

Kenbar also helps us use Act effectively with their knowledge of what Act can do as well as what would be best handled with an Add-on.

Ray Paul
Senior Regional Mgr.
Onspot Automatic Tire Chains