Free Add-ons

Dozens of Add-ons to choose from!

Kenbar purchases the rights to resell add-ons, every year, from several of the best developers in the business.

KVP customers get to select as many add-ons as they have licensed users. For example, if you have 5 users you get to choose 5 different add-ons and use each of them on each of your users. The only charge is for installation, which usually only takes a few minutes.

In addition, our list also includes “free to the public” add-ons you can download straight for the developer’s websites. If the item is free from the developer it will not be counted against your KVP allotment.

Look below for dozens of free add-ons to choose from.


ProgramPriceKVP StatusDescription
* = Part of Advanced Layout Tools Pack
Account Number Generator$59.00Populate fields with unique identification numbers, that you format using field values, date components, user information, and/or a sequence
ACT! Command Button*KVP FreeA button that can be associated with any command of the menu
ACT! Listview Manager$59.95Store the settings of your list views so that you may easily load them back up as needed
Activities ColorizerFree from DeveloperAutomatically assigns color to activities based on Act users
Activity Button*Open the Schedule Activity window with predefined parameters
ActivityDeleter$149.00Deletes activities in a date range.
Additional Alarm Lead TimesFree from DeveloperA number of ACT! users feel that the lead times offered to them in the Alarm drop-down list are too limited and do not meet their needs. With Additional Alarm Lead Times you can add as many more as you want.
Advanced Layout Tools Pack$99.95The Advanced Layout Tools Pack is a collection of great layout tools, i.e. tools you insert in your layout the same way you insert fields or labels
Advanced Picture Field*A replacement for the ACT! picture control that offers numerous advantages
Age Field*This is no longer needed due to enhancements to ACT!
Age Today$39.00This is no longer needed due to enhancements to ACT!
Append and RemoveFree from DeveloperQuickly append or remove value from a field of multiple contact records
Auto Fill Fields$59.00Automatically load any number of ACT! fields with values determined by the contents of another field
Automatic Web FormsFree from Developer
Create Web forms in seconds and import data directly into Act! 30 imports, per month, free. Call for pricing for higher volumes and additional features.
Batch Field Creator Pro$129.00Add any number of fields to the ACT!2007 Contact, Group, or Company records, using a spreadhseet holding the field definitions
Browse and Open document Buttons*KVP FreeThe Browse button allows the user to select a file or folder and store the path in a field - The Open Document button opens the file or folder which path is stored in the field you associate it with
ChartBar Control*KVP Freehttps:://
Checkbox Button*KVP FreeA replacement control for the standard Checkbox control used by ACT! offering a more appealing display of the information
Clear Activity Now ButtonFree from DeveloperWhen you clear an activity in the past in Act!, the Clear Activity window defaults to the date the activity was scheduled at. So if you completed the activity, you need to change the date and time manually. With this free add-on, you simply need to click the Now button.
ClearActivityAlarms$49.00KVP FreeClears the alarm from activities in the specified date range.
Company LinkerFree from Developer
CompanyInfoToContacts$99.00KVP FreeCopies fields chosen by the user on the current company record to the contacts who are members of the company even if they are not linked.
CompanyMaker$99.00KVP FreeCreates Companies from Contacts in the current lookup. Links the Contacts to the Company if the Company already exists
CompanyMakerPro (Co-written with Geoff)$199.00KVP FreeCreates Companies and lets you choose the fields that get copied to the new company.
ContactLess CompaniesFree from DeveloperContactLess Companies is a very simple add-on which allows you to create a lookup of your companies without associated contacts.
Copy Fields Contents$89.00KVP FreeEasily duplicate the contents of one or more sets of ACT! fields into other sets of fields on the same ACT! record, all records in a lookup, or another "current" record
Copy System Field$49.00KVP FreeAccess those inaccessable "system" fields on your ACT! contact records
CopyNotesToHistoryPlugin$299.00KVP FreeCopies Notes from the Note tab to the History tab on the Contact record.
CopyToClipboard Button*KVP FreeThe CopyToClipboard Button copies data from the current record to the Windows clipboard
CrystalClearProvider$49.00KVP FreeCrystal Clear Provider allows you to run Crystal Reports form the ACT! menu. It also provides and Activity table and cross reference tables for ContactCompany and ContactGroup. It modifies your Crystal Reports so they run on the Currently open database.
Current Local Time Indicator*KVP FreeThe Current Local Time Indicator displays the local time of your records
Default Lookup FieldFree from DeveloperThis very simple Sage ACT! add-on gives you the option to make any field the default field for the lookup feature of the navigation bar.
Delete Company Lookup$99.00KVP FreeSingle step delete of all the Company records in the current lookup
Delete Group Lookup$99.00KVP FreeSingle step delete of all the Group records in the current lookup
DeleteHistoriesByType$99.00KVP FreeDeletes histories based on the type of the history, the date range and optionally contents of the regarding.
E-Board Control*KVP FreeGraphic data representation on a detail layout
E-mail Addresses LookupFree from DeveloperThis SageACT! add-on provides the ability to create a lookup of records based on a list of emails. Either type in the email addresses directly or import them from a text file (one email per line) and click the Create Lookup button.
Edit Append Field$69.00KVP FreeQuickly and easily add or remove an item to or from a multi-select dropdown field on every record in a lookup
Email ChangerFree from DeveloperFind and replace multiple contacts email domain
Field Calculator$59.00KVP FreeCalculate the value of any ACT! field from values in other fields, constants and formulae
FixPhoneMasks$79.00KVP FreeApplies the default phone mask to all phone fields on all contacts in the current lookup
Gauge Control*KVP FreeGraphic data representation on a detail layout
Generate Document Button*KVP FreeA button you associate to an ACT! template. Upon clicking it, ACT! generates a merged document for the current record based on that template.
Generate Document List*KVP FreeA list you can add ACT! templates to. When you click a template, a document is generated for the current record based on that template.
Gmail ButtonFree from DeveloperSend an email through the default GMail window, directly from Act contact details
Group or Company Hierarchy*KVP FreeA more robust replacement control for ACT! hierarchy control
Groupbox with Reset Button*KVP FreeA layout designer container tool with optional reset button to clear all fields in the GroupBox
Help Button*KVP FreeLayout icon button that accesses a custom tooltip
History Button*KVP FreeButton to quickly create a history record (can be set to bypass the History window)
ImportContacts$99.00KVP FreeImports Contacts from an Excel file into ACT! using an Excel file for a map. The program can be run by the Windows Scheduler.
Information Bar Control*KVP FreeDisplays the content of a field in an InformationBar similar to the one used by Internet Explorer. Ideal to make sure that all users of the database know critical information about the current record
Joint Salutation$39.00KVP FreeAutomatically create a Salutation for couples, partners, agents, or any pair of fields
Last Activity Indicator*KVP FreeDisplays the last activity scheduled with the current record
Launch Button*KVP FreeLaunches a program, open a document or a folder
Launch Query Button*KVP FreeLaunches a saved query. It includes a couple of properties specific to lookups, ie. ShowLookupTypeDialog to show or hide the Replace, Append, Narrow Lookup window and ShowResultsInDetailView to show the results in Detail view (instead of the List view).
LayoutManager$59.00KVP FreeAutomatically switch the ACT! Layout, based on a field value on the Contact, Group or Company record
LimitedAccessManagerPro$129.00KVP FreeDefine the Access List for all the Contact, Company, or Group records in the current lookup.
Lookup Button*KVP FreeAllows you to open the Lookup window with a field of your choice already selected, you don't have to do Lookup>Other fields and then browse the Field drop-down list
LookupBadEmails$199.00 (site license)KVP FreeCreates a lookup of contacts with e-mail addresses with problems.
LookupContactsInCompanies$29.00KVP FreeLookup of all the Contacts belonging to the Companies (or Groups) in the current Company (or Group) Lookup
Month Calendar*KVP FreeDisplays one or more months starting with the current month. Besides being a visual help, the user may click any date or range of date to open the Schedule activity window
Multiple Activities RescheduleFree from DeveloperProvides the ability to reschedule multiple activities at once. When 2 or more activities are selected in the Task List, a Reschedule Multiple Activities... menu item is added to your right-click menu.
Multiple Companies Contact LookupFree from DeveloperThis ACT! add-on provides the ability to lookup contacts from multiple companies.
Navigation Bar for Companies-Groups$59.95KVP FreeDisplays a navigation bar in the Company detail and Group detail view, similar to the one in Contact detail view
New History Window FixFree from DeveloperIf you want the history window to default to another type of activity than Appointments.
Next Activity Indicator*KVP FreeDisplays the next activity scheduled with the current record on the Contact detail screen
Notifier Control*KVP FreeVisual aid icons to correspond to field data
Panel*KVP FreeA layout designer container tool that has an option to make all fields it contains uneditable
Picture Viewer Control*KVP FreeThe Picture Viewer tool is almost identical to the PictureField Viewer. The difference is that it displays pictures stored outside of ACT! whereas the other tool displays pictures already stored in ACT!. Pictures are stacked on top of one another and you can scroll through them using VCR-like buttons. Pictures are automatically adjusted to the size of the control. It offers a number of different options like rotating, naming, etc.
PictureField Viewer Control*KVP FreeThe PictureField Viewer tool is almost identical to the Picture Viewer. The difference is that it displays pictures already stored in ACT! whereas the other tool displays pictures stored outside of ACT!. Pictures are stacked on top of one another and you can scroll through them using VCR-like buttons. Pictures are automatically adjusted to the size of the control. It offers a number of different options like rotating, naming, etc.
Product Names field for Opportunity List view*KVP FreeCopies the product names of the current opportunity to a field so that this field can be displayed in the opportunity list view
ProgressBar Control*KVP FreeGraphic data representation on a detail layout
PromoteAllSecondaryContacts$99.95KVP FreePromotes all of the secondary contacts in the database to primary contacts.
Scripting for Act!$79.00 per userKVP FreeAdds event based scripting back into Act!
StringReplace$79.00KVP Free
Sub-Group or Division Treeview*KVP FreeA more intuitive replacement control for the ACT! sub-group or division control
TerritoryManager$199.00KVP FreeChanges the record manager on the various types of records in ACT! and changes the scheduled for on the Activities
Unique ID Field*KVP FreeThis control displays the unique ID (GUID) of the current record
Update Linked Contacts$199.00 (site license)KVP FreePlaces an icon on the Company List toolbar that will update all of the linked contacts of all of the companies in the current company lookup.
User Restricted Memo Field*KVP FreeA memo field that it gives you control over which user has the ability to edit its content
Vertical Display of Multi-Selected Items*KVP FreeDisplays the selected items of a multi-select field one below the other