You probably already know how to sort a List View in Act by clicking on a Column heading, However you may want to sort by multiple columns for a variety of reasons. There is a special Sort command to do just that.

An option tucked away in the Act menus is the Sort command, which allows the user to sort up to 3 columns at the same time. The sort command works in the List View for Contact, Groups, Companies, and Opportunities modules.

The Video below is the Web version where you will find the Sort Command. On the client server side of Act, the sort command will be under the Edit Menu. An important factor is that you have access to all the fields in that module but if you have not included them in your list view you will not see the results you want. When you customize your list view it is usually best if you make the sorting fields as the first 3 fields.

We will take you through examples of sorting Contacts Companies and Opportunities in this video, but it works the same in Groups particularly if they have been re-purposed to work like a Custom Table. However Groups are very often used to create a list of Contacts that can then be Sorted. If you are interested in learning more about this capability please let us know and we may do a video specifically for that capability.