Due to a technical issue the June video stopped working. The issues have been fixed and the video can be seen by clicking here.

We chose the Contact Detail layout to discuss all the types of Tabs, however they are used in many other modules throughout Act. Our July Video covers why the sequence of the tabs is important.

This is the second part of our video series on tab types and sequence. Now that we’ve gone over the Tab types in a previous video, we can talk about the importance of their sequence. Obviously, any order you put the tabs in that you find suits you may be perfectly fine. However, there are advantages to carefully selecting the first Tab that appears on your contact view. The right Tab sequence can speed up load times and give easier access to the most important info in your Act! database.

Changing the tab sequence is fairly easy in the Design Layout Tool. While you can set the tab sequence order to whatever you personally like, it’s recommended you carefully choose which tab is shown first. When opening your contact view, Act! must locate and put all the information from your first tab up on the screen before you are able to make changes. If your first tab in the sequence is something like History or Notes Act! would have to load all of those before you were able to see the data or even move your mouse. It’s best to make your first tab something such as Activities, which likely won’t have more than a few activities showing at one time. When changing the tabs in other modules such as Company, Groups Tasks you may find what is already in the first tab is not a problem.

After the first tab, you can feel free to sequence your tabs in whatever order feels best to you