The most unique feature of Act! over the many years is the detail layout, with a series of tabs in a toolbar in the middle of the screen, which was introduced in Version 7 of Act!. That toolbar contains a series of tabs which allow the user to continue looking at the top half of the screen, where all the most pertinent information resides. This month’s video will focus on the types of tabs there are in the contact detail table.

The main type of tab you’ll see along the toolbar is a Table, which brings data up from other parts of the software for the contact you’re looking at. This includes activities, opportunities, histories, and notes. There are also a few tables which work differently from the rest, such as documents, groups/companies, secondary contacts, and relationships.

The next type of Tab you’ll find are informational tabs, which allow you to add more details to your contact like you do with the main portion of your detail view. Examples of information tabs are personal info, contact access, and campaign results. There are also unique info tabs, such as Web Info, which can link you to outside resources such as the google or Facebook page of your customer.