A year ago, DayDesign Inc., a 21 year old communications design group decided they needed to develop a database of existing, past, and potential clients. After some research, ACT was chosen as the correct software. During their first training session with Kenbar, the DayDesign staff realized the program had unexpected advantages.

Today, they are using ACT as a networked database with over 1000 entries. Not only is the client information in order, but additional Groups have organized all suppliers by specialty.

As designers and producers of marketing programs, graphics, tradeshow exhibits, and interiors, DayDesign’s business is extremely fast moving and time sensitive. The ACT calendar has become their scheduling tool; tomorrows meeting or a trade show installation 3 months in the future, all are posted for everyone to view and plan by.

The most recent use they have found for their new tool (ACT) is label printing. Direct mail campaigns are organized by Group, information in the database is sent to the printer for application directly to the mailer or for smaller runs, adhesive labels are printed in-house and applied by the DDI staff.

In summary, “ACT has changed the way we do business” reports Skip Day, “we are not sure what we did without it”.