Kenbar Value Pack

The Value Pack is a collection of enhancements and customizations that can vastly extend the power of Act! Call us about pricing for your Act! system.
All Value Pack customers enjoy FREE phone advice from Kenbar!

KVP is a one-time fee, not a subscription.


Availability “virtually” 24/7

Kenbar can be reached from 8:00 AM through 11:00 PM every day, including weekends, and we can also work on your system overnight so you have no downtime during business hours.

Priority Support

KVP customers take precedent over regular customers and do not pay overtime and weekend rates.

Free Telephone Advice

KVP customers get free telephone advice virtually anytime including nights and weekends. This is defined as questions we can answer over the phone that don’t require us to log into your computer or make changes to your database. Click here for more details.

Application Enhancements

Customized Layout with Communications Panel

A convenient block of info attractively integrated into your layout that puts everything you need to know about getting in touch with your contact in one place.  Click here for more info.

Free Add-ons

Dozens of Add-ons to choose from!

We purchase the rights to resell add-ons every year from some of the best developers in the business. KVP customers get to select as many add-ons as they have users. If you have 5 users you get to choose 5 different add-ons and use them on all your users. The only charge will be for the installation which usually only takes a few minutes (This is required because we cannot share the special license). Click here for examples.