We, at Village West Publishing, needed a new database badly. It was back in 2005 that I began to research database options and present them to my bosses. At the time I had worked for my company for a year and their Contact Management System, a very old version of Act, had been tweaked by my predecessors to within an inch it’s life. I looked at tons of databases, both off the shelf and custom varieties, and all were either too expensive or didn’t “fit” our business. The research was shelved again for many more years until I took a look at the new Act, which unlike the old one, was a true database and not just a Contact Management System. I convinced my bosses that Act would be the path of least resistance since the learning curve would be minimal (they were already used to OLD Act) and the conversion would not be as drastic as say going to CRM or Sugar etc.

In 2014 we finally decided to pursue the new version of ACT. I called two different support companies and both sounded great. The one that won out was Kenbar Solutions and they won out because:

1. Bob was local (East Coast) although he handles the whole country since he has a West Coast Presence too.


2. He was extremely responsive.

I downloaded the trial software and “played with it” then finally purchased the new one in 2014. Bob is incredible in that he takes calls and questions all the time.

I recently attended the Act Training Cruise and learned many important things that will help our business be more productive and spend less time doing “paperwork” and more time selling. I learned about add-ons that make ACT do the things we need it to do with greater efficiency and speed. I look forward to continuing to work with Bob as I migrate a 2nd database to the new Act and put his training to good use.

It certainly didn’t hurt any that the training was done onboard a fantastic cruise ship combining business and pleasure in the most enjoyable way! I would recommend Bob and Kenbar Solutions to anyone and suggest that there is no better way to learn than in an environment as impressive as that was.

Sheila Kufert
Hearth & Home Magazine
Village West Publishing