This is the last chance for customers to move into V23 from their older perpetual versions at the promotional price of $315/user is ending on August 31, 2021. For those who want Desktop & Web access then Act! Premium V23 is the ONLY answer.

It just had its final Update #5

a FREE Basic version of Act Marketing Automation is included

You will get all the features of Act! V23 with the total flexibility that Act is famous for.

The only other CRM available as a desktop application costs significantly more than Act!

You can use both Web Access and Desktop access at the same time on a single PC.

Host Act on your own server or choose any Hosting partner you wish. Some are already geared up to host your accounting, engineering or other applications

Integrate Act with virtually any accounting or other business system you are using already on your server or in the cloud.

Take advantage of many Add-ons available for the Desktop.

Add Custom Tables for just the users that need them instead of all your users.