• Pre & post sale consulting – Kenbar’s Certified ACT! Consultants help you decide if ACT! software is appropriate for your business as well as which version best suits your needs.


    • ACT! Training is available in a variety of ways including classroom, hands-on workshops, one on one, and webinars.  Kenbar is an ACT! Certified Premier Trainer.


    • Customization – Kenbar strives to help you get the most out of the suite of  features that ACT! offers.  In addition, we can give you practically any custom feature you want through the use of field tested ACT! Add-Ons or the ACT! Software Development Kit.


    • Support – All Kenbar Value Pack clients receive FREE ACT! telephone advice, often with little or no waiting due to our available staff on both coasts.  We also offer flexible remote-support options from ACT! or Kenbar if you need more than advice.


    • Self Help – Get answers to many ACT! questions at the ACT! Knowledgebase.