Activities are a core part of Act! and changing settings to fit your needs is an easy way to improve your workflow. With the next part of our video tips on Activities, we look at all the options available when Scheduling an Activity.

To create an Activity, click the Schedule button at the top left of your screen, then choose which Activity to start with. From here, the Schedule Activity window pops up, and you can choose from an expanded list of Activity Types, including the ones already shown.

In the rest of the general tab, you can choose a start and end date, start and end time, as well as the duration. Below that you can choose one or multiple contacts to schedule the Activity with. You can choose to send an email to the contacts scheduled, and who to associate the Activity with. The Regarding field is like the subject line for your Activity. You can also choose to create a separate activity for each contact, and whether or not the Activity is private.

On the next tab at the top left, you can add and details you’d like, as well as attachments.

On the last tab, you can choose to repeat the Activity daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can choose when the recurring Activity starts and ends, though you can also choose no end date if you’d like.