There have been some troubles with downloading the newest update for Act! at this time, so we thought we’d share the easiest ways to get around the problem.

When updating Act! through normal methods, some users have reported their Windows has recently been blocking the update. The first way to combat this is to briefly turn off your Windows Defender Firewall, then turn it back on when the update is finished. To do this, simply to go your Windows settings, and search for Update and Security. Then, go to the Windows Security tab and click Open Windows Security. Head to firewall & network protection, then choose the active network and disable Microsoft Defender Firewall. If that doesn’t work, disable the firewall for all 3 networks. Remember to turn your firewall back on once the update is finished.

Alternatively, you could head directly to the Act! webpage and find the download for the most recent update there. Once you’re at, simply go to the resources tab and visit the download center. From here you can find the update you’re looking for and download it directly from the website. If you don’t see the product you need, try logging in with your Act! information to find a wider selection of products. For customers with multiple machines they run Act! on, they can skip downloading the update for each computer by locating the original download .exe, and copy-pasting it to each of their other machines.