Activities are a core part of Act! and changing settings to fit your needs is an easy way to improve your workflow, and Activity Series expands upon that. This video is a follow up to a video done last year, about Creating Custom Activity Types. Tailoring Activities to specific needs can benefit many different types of companies. You can find that post here.

Activity Series allows you to select contacts for each of the activities in the sequence, as well as remove contacts, switch them out, schedule the same Activity Series with new contacts, etc. A versatile feature for any business to use.

To start an Activity Series, all you have to do is click schedule at the top left, then click activity series. First in this pop-up window, you can choose which Activity series template to use for this series.

After this, you choose the anchor date. When creating Activity Series, for each specific activity you choose how long before or after the anchor date that activity will be created for your contact. They can be any number of days, weeks, or months, before or after the anchor date.

Below that, you can choose which contact or contacts to schedule this Activity Series with. Click schedule and your activity series will have been started.