Activities are a core part of the Act and changing settings to fit your needs is an easy way to improve your workflow. This video is a follow up to a video done last year, about Creating Custom Activity Types. Tailoring Activities is a huge benefit for many different types of companies. You can find it on our March 2022 blog.

To get to the Activity Settings is easy, simple to go the tools menu in your top left toolbar. Make sure you scroll down to see all the options available, and click preferences. From here, click activities, and you’re there. This big box in the top half of the page is for your default settings. At the very top, you choose which activity type you would like to change the default settings of. Once you’ve chosen, you can change the default priority, alarm, and activity duration for that activity type. You can also select if you’d like to default to timeless, or automatically roll over activities to today. Kenbar recommends keeping both settings unchecked by default, but if you’re interested in using these later, you can contact Kenbar at any time to learn more.

Below the type specific settings, we have our default settings that apply to all Activities. This includes how an activity looks when it’s cleared, either grey or strikeout. Kenbar recommends using the strikeout option. Under that is a series of check boxes: you can choose to play a system beep for alarms, you can enable activity conflict checking, make new activities public, send your email activity to users, or lastly you can create separate activities when scheduling with multiple contacts. This last option can be a big change, and useful when you want multiple contacts to have the same activity, without linking all of their contacts together.

When you’re done, you can click update, which will apply your new settings to all users, and save as the default for new users. Close your preferences tab and you’re done.

If you are interested in following this series you can click here to view the April’s ACT! video tip.